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Would you like to become a writer of SEO Consulting Services, News & Blog - SEO Basics?
Or maybe just a guest writer?

Write for us
Write for us

It’d be nice if you could also send or link to some samples of your writing.

Your Advantage

The next question which runs in your mind, once you hear something about guest blogging, would be "What benefit do I get out of Guest Blogging?". The answer to this question would be genuine backlinks ( the permanent one) for your blog.

Update: Now you can have only one backlink that links to your homepage or blog, and it will be placed in about the author box.


We need the following details from you namely:

  1. Short biography(with full name), so that people get to know about you,
  2. We need your valid e-mail so we can invite you to become an author of our blog, an email address that you have with a Google + profile where you have a real Name and real PICTURE of yourself,
  3. Your Website/blog URL,
  4. Your article in any format
  5. Your article must not contain more than one link pointing to your site and not more than two links pointing to authority sites,
  7. Your articles should be at least 2000 words long,
  8. Your articles should be very well researched,
  9. I accept only articles about Search Engine Optimization and sometimes about Internet Marketing topics in general.
  10. The most importantly, your article must not be published somewhere else to avoid the duplicate content issue (I have deleted even published articles in the past when I found about a duplicate issue)

Final Action

Since you are reading at the end of this post, I assume that you're passionate about joining and interested in writing articles for "SEO Consulting Services, News & Blog - SEO Basics". 

If you’re interested in writing for this blog, please use the Contact Us page to reach us.

We have just provided the platform for you. It is in your hands, our readers, to develop this blog into a blogging community of your choice!!!

For SEO consulting services you can always write us in an SEO consultation form and we will contact you ASAP!

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