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Five Reasons Why Blogging is Necessary for SEO Results

Five Reasons Why Blogging is Necessary for SEO Results

Blogging for SEO Results: A good online marketing campaign requires two basic components for it to work: SEO techniques as well as relevant content.

“...the SEO benefit for guest blogging is not from the obvious bio links, it is from everything that comes from being known...” -Craig Fifield

A good online marketing campaign requires two basic components for it to work: Search Engine Optimization (SEO for brevity) techniques as well as compelling and relevant content—in other words, blogging.

One cannot function well without the other as it is SEO that drives a majority of the traffic to a website, while it is the content that retains that traffic. Unfortunately, the realm of SEO is not always as straightforward and as simple as we hoped it would be. The rules are as complex as Google; the search engine juggernaut keeps changing the algorithms and policies routinely. The moment we get a good understanding of what the logistics of our strategies should involve, the rules would change. As a result, specialists in SEO Philippines and all over the world are constrained to modify their techniques in order to adapt to these changes.

Fortunately, the rules of blogging are not as complicated, and it has always been an effective strategy for a myriad of things—sharing the news with the community, building trust, attracting an audience, and showcasing your expertise among others. Blogging has always been associated with high SEO rankings. However, this would only work if you know how to use them well.

Here are the reasons why blogging is good for your SEO:

Blogging for SEO Results
Blogging for SEO Results

1.) Guest Blogging

There have been many assertions that guest blogging is an obsolete technique. However, this is not necessarily true. Perhaps the misconception stems from the wrong execution of the method which gave unfavorable results as guest blogging remains to be a strategy that is very beneficial to the SEO of your website. Working with credible and reputable writers who are experts in the field can be very advantageous for you—especially since their popularity can help you. However, for this technique to work, you need to be meticulous when it comes to selecting prospective bloggers. Conduct an interview, review their past work and see if they can write anything that would be of use to you.

2.) Fresh Content

If there is anything search engines have a natural affinity for, it is new content. The pages of your website hardly change which is why it is imperative that you keep your blogs replete with new content as well as new information every week. Whenever a search is performed, the freshest and most relevant content gets to the top, and as a result, you will rank higher than your competition. Furthermore, writing new content is an excellent avenue for building relationships with your audience and readers which is ideal for conversion results.


3.) Keywords

Unlike before, keywords do not hold as much importance as they once did. If you get this aspect of SEO wrong, you may end up severely punished. Filling a blog with keywords to the brim is now an outdated practice—regardless of what they add to the content. Today, keywords must serve a purpose which is why you need to choose keywords that are unique as this will lead searchers to your website. Be careful not to make them too unique that no one would think of using them, however. Common keywords do not benefit you as much, so be sure to be careful in selecting your keywords.

4.) Popularity

Blogs that are constantly and consistently clicked on and shared will move up in the search rankings. Quality and compelling contents are likely to be shared with your readers would want others to know about it. Ensure that the blogs you create are fresh, unique, relevant and compelling to drive traffic to your website and increase its popularity.

5.) Social Media

Connecting your blogs to social media trifecta Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn among others give you an edge over your competitors. This is because search engines reward those blogs that frequently appear on a social media platform. Just make sure that you use search terms in your meta descriptions and titles, and you will effectively boost your SEO through social media listings.

SEO and blogging do go hand in hand. Just make sure you execute both techniques well and you can expect higher conversion rates and higher rankings.

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