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4 Instagram Strategies That Can Power Up Your SEO In 2019

4 Instagram Strategies That Can Power Up Your SEO In 2019

It is natural that brands all over the world are trying to engage their audience through instagram. So, how do you reach your goals?

Instagram is one of the social networks that is continuously expanding when it comes to users and popularity. So, it is natural that brands all over the world are trying to engage their audience through this platform.
So, how do you reach your goals?

A perfect blend of creativity, strategy, and understanding of the public can help you succeed on this platform.

The platform is ideal to widen your popularity and boost your SEO as well. How? Let's take a look

Business Tools For Advertising

Instagram Strategies 2017
Instagram Business tools can aid in maximizing your reach

For most businesses, Instagram is for connecting with their audience. We can do it by sharing photos, Instagram Stories, paid to advertise, etc.
While all these factors are equally important, you should never miss out on features of Instagram which are custom made with business in mind.

These features demonstrate how your posts are faring and what kind of engagement your posts are attracting.

These features provide valuable insights into your account and your audience. These features are available to all.

These data include engagement, shares, impressions, reach and insights into paid advertisements as well.

Partner With A Charity Or Nonprofit

Sweetgreen’s initiative to provide fresh food in schools
Sweetgreen’s initiative to provide fresh food in schools

People tend to support brands that are doing good for the community.

It doesn’t mean that your business should be involved directly.

Instead, you can help a nonprofit organization that is within your industry.

For example – your company could fundraise for a good cause or can let the employees do community service, etc. This can be magic for both your website and business in general.

But, the biggest impact will be visible on Instagram because images are incredibly powerful.
This also shows that partnership is a great option when done right.

You can also partner with companies and can share each other's posts.

This will be of great effect if you have a similar or related audience and are not competing in the same market.

Conduct Contests For Rewards

Example of an Instagram contest
Example of an Instagram contest

Contests are a very popular tactic on Instagram, and you might have even tried it.

But, how do you stand out?

Notice that most Instagram contests do not offer prizes or rewards for their contestants.

Always remember that rewards can take you a long way in social media.

It is said that a single giveaway contest might be able to help you get thousands of followers.
When it comes to social media, there are a million ways to create a contest.

But, in the case of Instagram, you need to know why the users love the app.

Take a look at the insights and metrics and devise games that are guaranteed to get you the engagement you have dreamt of.

For example- You can create a simple "best picture contest" and ask your followers to use the hashtag you created.

Hashtag Search

You can take a look at these searches and utilize the most popular hashtags which are relevant to your industry and brand.

This way, you can maximize your exposure.

Instagram doesn’t have a restriction on the number of hashtags.

So, using a high number of hashtags is acceptable as long as it doesn’t clog your posts.

Do use the most popular hashtags related to your posts and the industry.

So what are the common problems encountered while hashtagging your posts?
• Which hashtag should you choose?
• What factors determine whether a hashtag is eligible or not?
Well, Instagram does not have a keyword planner like Google.

So, the only thing you have to do is search for hashtags that are relevant and accessible(but not overused).
You can also make use of applications like Websta, where you will be able to see the top 100 hashtags out of which you can choose the ones that are relevant to your company and industry.

General Tips

• You can always consider acquiring Instagram accounts which already have a set of an established audience.

There is no point in taking over an account with 1 million followers if the followers are not part of your target audience.

Instead of an account with 20,000 followers that ticks all the right boxes is what you need.

If you do not have a specific target audience, and your content is generic, then you can buy active Instagram followers as well.
• You can include a clickable link in your bio that gets the user to a targeted landing page or your website.
• Always be consistent with the name of your Instagram account and filters used.

This makes you easily recognizable.
At the end of the day, it’s all about understanding your target audience completely and knowing how Instagram works.

If you follow the principles listed above and stay true to the basics of this social media platform, Instagram is sure to help in boosting your SEO and increasing your follower count as well.

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