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How To Choose a SEO Friendly Domain Name?

How To Choose a SEO Friendly Domain Name?

How do I Choose a SEO Friendly Domain Name? Read this awesome guide with tips here on how to choose the best domain name for your needs.

What is a domain in SEO?

Domain names are an important part of search engine search results.

Domain Name and Keywords

Choose a descriptive and easy-to-read domain name for your website.

Domains with exact match keywords definitively will help your website to rank for your website focus keyword, but be careful, do not spam!

Choose Good Domain Name for SEO
Choose Good Domain Name for SEO

Domain name choice and domain age are crucial to choosing the best top domain for SEO.

Use https, a secure communication protocol

Even for sites that do not collect sensitive customer information, search engines suggest that switching to https is an increasingly good idea (now https are a ranking signal already) and may help improve rankings.

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The age of the domain is one of the many signals that search engines utilize for ranking.
Brand new domains generally have a more difficult time to rank high for the first few months.

Domain expiration far in to the future is considered a good practice as it promotes confidence in your website, decreases chances of losing the domain and in certain cases might help with search engine ranking.

Some tips to choose an SEO-friendly domain name:

  1. Register a domain for more than 1 year, and the search engine will think it is a serious business.
  2. The older domain tends to be more trustworthy.
  3. Keep the domain name short and relevant to the content, which will be easier to be remembered and related to
  4. Use Keywords.
  5. Target Your Area.
  6. Use an Appropriate Domain Name Extension.
  7. Avoid Numbers and Hyphens.

The websites with and should resolve to the same URL.

Search Engines treat URLs with or without "www" as two different records, you should resolve this to avoid duplicate content.

You can resolve this by editing your .htaccess file and permanently redirect one to the other (eg redirect to

Also, the IP address of the site should be forwarded to its domain name, you should resolve this also to avoid duplicate content.

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